A Pet’s Sleep

Ever wonder how much sleeping time is enough for pets? Or how they sleep? We’ll be taking four popular pets and finding the facts to learn how long they nap. The animals taken into consideration for this article will be the dog, the cat, the fish, and the bird. So, let’s find out which let needs the most rest. Continue reading “A Pet’s Sleep”

Canines and Felines of the Year: Which is More Intelligent?

The big debate about whether the dog or the cat is smarter than the other has been going on a while. Some may say the dog is smarter because dogs have a great sense of smell and their hearing is incredible. The dog can recognize many noises or sounds. However, the cat is a very solitary animal who finds out how the world works on its own. Well, the debate is over. We have the answers. Continue reading “Canines and Felines of the Year: Which is More Intelligent?”

Dogs of the Year: The Intelligence of Dogs


by Annabel Fogleman

For now, the Border Collie takes first place in intelligence like it did for the past years. Chaser is one of the top dogs in this case. Over time, she has learned 1,000 words for her vocabulary. In fact, she has learned most of the English grammar. Chaser has also learned the names of all of her toys. Surprisingly, Chaser has over 1,000 toys. This Border Collie is now known as the smartest dog in the world! Continue reading “Dogs of the Year: The Intelligence of Dogs”