Pet Appreciation

Did you know about Pet Appreciation Week? Apparently, last week was about appreciating your pet from June 2 to June 8. Whether you have a dog, cat, rodent, reptile, bird, fish, etc, you should recognize how much a pet does for you. Okay, sure you buy them food, pay their vet bills, give them a home to stay in, but pets still do so much that people don’t notice every day. What we do for pets feels like a chore, but pets constantly give back. For example, if you’re stressed and not having a good day, dogs will comfort you. If you need a living stuffed animal next to you in bed, cats can help with that. Watching reptiles and fish climb/walk/swim around can relax you. There are so many things pets can do that we need to be aware of it. It is no longer Pet Appreciation Week, but I encourage you to pretend like Pet Appreciation Week is on every day. Take your dog to the park, buy your cat a cat tree, add cool features to your fish/reptile’s tank. Just realize what pets do for us and show them that you’re grateful.

blur care cat close up
Photo by Japheth Mast

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