A Pet’s Sleep

Ever wonder how much sleeping time is enough for pets? Or how they sleep? We’ll be taking four popular pets and finding the facts to learn how long they nap. The animals taken into consideration for this article will be the dog, the cat, the fish, and the bird. So, let’s find out which let needs the most rest.

First, the canine. I’ve always wondered how much a dog sleeps since my dogs seem very active in the early morning, yet tired during the day. When I did the research I found out that dogs can sleep up to fourteen hours once grown. I was not too surprised to discover that a pooch slept that long in a day since they tend to be very fatigued all of the time. According to Dailydogtag.com, “If your dogs have adjusted to your sleep patterns, which most do eventually, they’re sleeping around eight hours at night. So the other four to six hours required will occur during the day in the form of naps.” That made sense to me since dogs usually do take naps during the day.

Second, the feline. From what I’ve learned, cats must sleep a lot. However, the results surprised me. Cats sleep an estimated 2 more hours of sleep than dogs, meaning that they sleep only 12-16 hours. According to Petcarerx, “…healthy cats sleep 50 to 70 percent of the 24 hours in a day, with seniors and kittens catching Zzz’s up to 80 percent of the time.” I personally thought that cats would sleep much more than dogs since I usually see them sleeping. However, I guess, the results argue to disagree.

Third, the fish. All I do know that I’ve heard it said that fish sleep as if they are in a daydream. According to Sleep.org, “Even though they are asleep, fish are still alert for danger.” This basically means that even though fish are in a daydream they are easily awakened when a predator is near. That’s how they are adapted to the wild because in the case of an animal coming near and wanting to snack on the fish. But how long they sleep? Fish sleep up to 12 hours and need a certain amount of brightness and darkness period to keep that sleeping time the same. At night, lights should be off for a fish. During the day, the lights should be on.

And lastly, the bird. According to ca.audubon.org, “Non-rapid Eye Movement sleep averages around two and a half minutes and Rapid Eye Movement sleep about nine seconds… As a pet, birds require more sleep than we do, and most continue to need at least 10 hours of sleep time daily.” So the average time of sleeping I’m going to consider is the Non-rapid Eye Movement sleep, which is about 2 1/2 minutes. However, as you heard, that’s not the only amount of sleep they need. In total, birds need 10 hours of sleep. So, birds must need that 10 hours broken up during the day into naps of 9 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes.

In conclusion, it seems as if the pet that sleeps the most is the cat. Like I mentioned earlier, they sleep up to 16 hours! This really proves that no animal is alike; you can have your pet taking multi-naps throughout the day, or have your pet sleep like a sloth to fully restore energy. Well, thanks for reading this article! If you have any questions, please put them in a comment. Remember to stay tuned for the next post!

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