Who’s Popular?

So, it’s been a debated topic over the years. You and I have been wondering, “Which pet is the most popular?” Research can get confusing and tell you the wrong things. Well, our confusing data is in, too.     I’ll tell you one thing that caught my eye. The most commonly adopted pet is not a dog or a cat. According to Livescience.com, “In the United States, people own: 142 million freshwater fish, 88.3 million cats, and 74.8 million dogs.” This was a study written on January 15, 2013. That wasn’t written that long ago. I did keep reading in the article, however, and it said, “According to a survey of American pet owners, more households have a Fido than any other furry (or not so furry) friend. By sheer numbers of each actual pet though, there are more Nemos swimming in American fish tanks (as people generally keep more than one fish) and more cats than dogs (as there are more multi-cat homes than multi-dog homes).” I never would have thought that fish outnumbered cats and dogs. However, as you can see, people technically own more fish.

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