Parakeet Plaza: An Outstanding View

The Parakeet is another beautiful animal. They have many colors and their sounds are unique. Not convinced? You might change you’re mind after reading this post. Here’s why you should own a Parakeet:

  1. Parakeets are beautiful.
    Parakeets are gorgeous. You find parakeets in varieties of colors, green, blue, yellow, red, pink, and with stripes. It’s like having a skittles farm in a cage.parakeet2
  2. Parakeets love to sing!
    The sound of a Parakeet is amazing. It’s not the everyday “tweet” that wakes you up. It’s a noise that is relaxing and calming. It’s a mini choir in a cage, too.
  3. No mess.
    Parakeets should always be in cage. Never let a parakeet just fly freely around the house. However, the parakeet is always in a cage and that means there isn’t a chance of having bird poop around the house or any feathers lying around either. With this little roommate, you won’t have to have more chores!
  4. Parakeets are fairly cheap.
    On average, Parakeets are about thirty dollars. You may think that is not a fair price, but compared to dogs, cats, hedgehogs (etc), they are pretty nice in price.
  5. A pal for years.
    Most parakeets live at least for 15 years. Some live for 20. On the other hand, if you don’t take care of your parakeet enough,
    Here’s how to take care of your parakeet:
    1. Clean the cage once a week with non-toxic cleaner.
    2. Feed your Parakeet 2-4 teaspoons of bird seed per day.
    3. Don’t feed your parakeet chocolate, fruits with big seeds, avocados, alcohol, or caffeine.
    4. Never crowd your parakeet with too many toys.
    5. Handle Parakeets carefully.I hope I’ve gotten you to get a Parakeet. If you decide you want to, then look up more specific details if you want more information on getting this bird. Get a Parakeet from PetSmart or your local shelter today!

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