Canines and Felines of the Year: Which is More Intelligent?

The big debate about whether the dog or the cat is smarter than the other has been going on a while. Some may say the dog is smarter because dogs have a great sense of smell and their hearing is incredible. The dog can recognize many noises or sounds. However, the cat is a very solitary animal who finds out how the world works on its own. Well, the debate is over. We have the answers.

The Cat

Cats can be very smart at times. They have a great memory. Research has shown that cats have a memory that is two hundred times greater than a dog’s. Like I mentioned before, the cat is a very solitary animal. The cat knows better about living on its own.cute-kitten

nature animal dog pet
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The Dog
Dogs have always been a human’s best friend. They are playful and they know when to cheer you up. Dogs have an outstanding smelling and hearing ability. Their nose is forty times better than ours. Their hearing is four times better than ours. Some dogs know all of the names of their toys.

All right, here’s the information you’ve been waiting for. Scientists have discovered that the debate about the cat or dog being smarter than the other could be determined on how many neurons the pet has in its brain. According to National Geographic, dogs have twice as many neurons as the cat. Even though the cat is a very intelligent and at times talented creature, the canine won this debate.


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