Welcome to Guinea Pig Gardens: The Perfect Pocket Pet

Guinea Pigs are super cute. You really can’t argue with that. They are soft, small, and fun little creatures. They are rodents like gerbils, hamsters, and chinchillas. Here are some more reasons why you must have a guinea pig.

  1. Guinea Pigs are cute!
    Guinea Pigs are really cute. They come in different colors. Some are a solid color while others are spotted all over. When they eat, their mouths expand while they bite down. Trust me, it’s adorable.guineapig
  2. Guinea Pigs are fascinating!
    Watching a Guinea Pig run his little exercise wheel is really entertaining. They act like miniature dogs. They run around and like your attention.
  3. They are easy to take care of!
    Guinea Pigs are pretty simple to take care of. If you have ever owned a small animal, you get it. They’re in a cage most of the time, they are small, and they don’t take up a lot of space!
  4. A clean but furry friend.
    Since Guinea Pigs are kept in a cage, you won’t find a lot of shed around the house. You can take them out of their cage a lot, but they are still small, so they won’t give too much shed. Remember, Guinea Pigs cannot have:
    1. Shelled Seeds
    2. Shelled Nuts
    3. Any Meat
    4. Chocolate (remember, they are miniature dogs)
    5. Beans
    6. Avocado
    7. Iceberg Lettuce
    8. Onions
    9. Dairy
    10. Potatoes
    According to newsok.com, guinea pigs are cuddly choice for rodent pets. … Unlike most other rodent pets, guinea pigs (also called cavies) are active during the day, so won’t keep you awake with noises at night, and they’re just not as busy. Guinea Pigs have a general life span of 4-8 years. That’s longer than some hamsters and mice. As you can see, Guinea Pigs are perfect pocket pets. Consider getting one at Pet Smart or your local shelter.

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