Betta Boulevard: A Great Starter Pet

Another pet species you may hear about quite a bit is fish. Fish are beautiful and are simple to take care of. Some of the most beautiful fish are the angelfish, clownfish, and of course, the betta.

The header image I put up is a picture of my betta. Today, I am going to inform you the benefits about the betta.

  1. Bettas are absolutely beautiful.
    They come in all different colors. Some even come in all ten different colors. Having a betta in your home is like having a tiny supermodel live with betta fish
  2. Bettas are as easy as pie.
    Taking care of bettas is super simple. They come in a small tank, only need to eat twice a day, and unlike dogs and cats, they don’t follow you around. You won’t have to give them affectionate attention and don’t have to take your betta on a walk. All you have to do is feed the fish, turn off the light, and clean the tank.
  3. It’s relaxing.
    It’s relaxing and very satisfying while watching the betta swim by. They can actually be quite playful. They will swim around the tank, come back, go to the corner, and come back. It can be peaceful and make you feel like you’re in the tropics.
  4. If you liked fish already, the betta is a good start.
    The betta is small. It’s good to have a betta first if you want a life time of fish. You can test how responsible you can be with one pet/fish. That’s the thing. You can’t have more than one betta. The betta has also been known as ‘the Japanese Fighting Fish’. If you put two male bettas in the same tank together, they will literally try to kill each other and will.
  5. Bettas take up a speck of your house.
    Betta tanks are so small because of the size of the fish. A betta tank will take up a foot and maybe a few inches at maximum. Dogs and cats will take up a bunch of space in a small house, but if you are looking forward to having a fish in your cottage, then let that fish be a betta.
  6. Bettas are affordable!
    Bettas are usually and only about six dollars! Some might be a little over than that, but shouldn’t usually be over twelve dollars. Buying their food is cheap and it lasts long. If you want a first pet, maybe the affordable betta could be a good start.


If I have convinced you to buy a betta now, then you should follow these steps for your responsibility:

  1. Clean the betta’s fish tank about one day a month.
  2. Feed bettas about 8-12 pellets a day. 4-6 in the morning, 4-6 in the evening.
  3. If you attached a light to your tank, turn off the light when going to bed. As you can see, the betta is a great pet for anyone. If you want to add a little color to your home, get a betta. If you want to save money, get a betta. If you want a family member, get a betta! Look online for more details. Go to Pet Smart, and get a betta today.

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