Caring for Cats

Cats are unique. They are beautiful, agile, intelligent, and playful creatures. Every cat is a companion. While I’m repeating these adjectives that you’ve probably heard before, you might just not know how to take care of a cat.


First of all, make sure there is a veterinarian near your house. This is just in case of emergencies, like if your cat got really sick and you need a vet right away, you’ll probably not want an hour drive to get to the animal hospital.

Second, make sure your cat is eating the right food. It is a good idea to look at the ingredients of your cat’s food before buying it. Some recommended cat foods are Purina Cat Chow and Blue Buffalo. Don’t switch her food around too much. She might have stomach issues because she’ll be confused each time she eats. If she’s been eating Blue Buffalo, stick with that food. Same for any other foods.

Third, get your cat the place she would be willing to dwell in. Get a bed that won’t sink to the ground on the first night. Get a bed that’s decent, but not too fancy. Make sure that if you have any other pets (birds, dogs, rodents etc), she won’t fight with them, or they won’t fight with her.

Fourth, act as if your cat is a baby. Petco advises to baby proof your whole house before getting a cat. For outlets that aren’t always being used, put outlet protectors on them. Your cat is family now. Protect her. Petco also advises to prepare toys, a litter box, a food and water bowl, and maybe a scratching post before getting your new cat.

Fifth, be prepared. Not all cats are trained for the litter box or neutered. Know that cats aren’t dogs. Sometimes they don’t want the affection dogs like. Don’t always assume your cat wants its stomach rubbed. The cat trusts you to not do so. It can be a lot of work handling a cat, and that is why you should be prepared. However, realize that the hard work can also lead to a life of happiness with your new cat, so don’t let work get in the way. Get a cat today at your local shelter. Make her day.

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