Dogs of the Year: The Intelligence of Dogs


by Annabel Fogleman

For now, the Border Collie takes first place in intelligence like it did for the past years. Chaser is one of the top dogs in this case. Over time, she has learned 1,000 words for her vocabulary. In fact, she has learned most of the English grammar. Chaser has also learned the names of all of her toys. Surprisingly, Chaser has over 1,000 toys. This Border Collie is now known as the smartest dog in the world!

While the Border Collie is in the lead, the Poodle is next. Unfortunately, there is no most intelligent Poodle. However, Poodles have very intelligent skills.


A Poodle (above)

 Poodles understand commands very well. They would much rather obey commands than a Border Collie. The Border Collie is more unlikely to obey  commands because they always want to correct you. They think and could be smarter than you.

 Poodle is actually a German word. In fact, Poodles are from Germany. Actually, the word has many meanings: In French it means “duck dog”. In German it means “splash water” and so on.

In England, they used to use Poodles for hunting. Here in America, they used them for contests and dog shows and they still do it.

Poodles are great dogs. They are useful and helpful. Besides, there is a shelter waiting for you!


Incoming, number three! Introducing the German Shepherd as the third smartest dog. Like the Poodle, there is no most intelligent German Shepherd. Although there isn’t, they are very intelligent.

Most German Shepherds need lots of exercise. They love walks. But don’t be fooled-they can be very suspicious around strangers-like most dogs.

German Shepherds shed  a lot! In fact, they are known as the German Shedder. So don’t be surprised if you find a lot of dog hair in your house!

These dogs usually get along with other dogs. It doesn’t mean that all of them do like other dogs, but yours most likely will.

And if you are a person who is not at home a lot, the German Shepherd is not for you. German Shepherds hate being alone and need lots of attention. But if you are home most of the time, the German Shepherd is perfect. Get one today!


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